netomat, inc. Launches netomat 1.0 ... an Entirely New Way to Communicate Online

netomat, inc., a pioneer in communication software and network-based art, announces today the release of its new personal multimedia communication service -- netomat 1.0. With the launch of netomat 1.0, a new, powerful and free service, you can create your own living spaces online. netomat spaces are live multimedia channels of communication between you and your friends, family, and co-workers. Try it at:

Ten great reasons to try netomat 1.0 - netomat 1.0 is ...
  1. Personal: netomat spaces reflect your personality, mood, and choices.
  2. Private: netomat spaces are free from the usual noise of a life online: no spam!
  3. Multimedia: It's easy to add photos, voice, text, links, sounds, animations and drawings.
  4. Collaborative: Invite friends to your space-share ideas, post photos, exchange files.
  5. Open: All that your friends need to view and participate in your space is a browser.
  6. Flexible: Make as many spaces as you like, each for a different purpose.
  7. Recordable: Capture a log of every update that has happened in your space.
  8. Live: Chat in real-time with anyone, even if they don't have an IM application.
  9. Portable: Access and update your spaces from any computer.
  10. User-Controlled: You decide who to invite and who can collaborate.

Not only is netomat 1.0 fun and easy to use, it's also free. (A premium paid service is available for those who want more storage and bandwidth.)

Because netomat is built upon open standards, formats, and protocols, viewers of netomat-based communication do not have to download the application or any proprietary plug-ins to view, interact, annotate, post, and notify.

The core innovation underlying the netomat service is a powerful new XML-based language called nml (netomatic mark-up language). nml was created to enhance people-to-people communication -- it's XML with personality.

nml was first introduced at the Postmasters Gallery in New York City as part of the netomat art project conceived by pioneering network artist/programmer Maciej Wisniewski. The piece, which was downloaded by close to a million people in over 80 countries, clearly touched a nerve.

Maciej then partnered with Tamas Banovich, curator and co-owner of Postmasters, to expand the vision of the art project and to develop the powerful technology further. Maciej and Tamas joined with two software veterans, Alan Gershenfeld, former SVP of Activision Studios, and Kris Ramanathan, former Head of US Operations for Financial Models, to found netomat, inc.

About netomat, inc.
Headquartered in New York City, netomat, inc. was launched in 2001. Funding stems from a unique combination of venture capitalists, foundations, and corporate and individual investors. This reflects netomat's introduction as a high-profile network-based art project as well as the company's belief that technology is not neutral and that software should provide both cultural and financial returns.

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