netomat's technology breaks down the barriers between the web, email and instant messaging.

For the first time, in one integrated application, users will have the ability to find, author, send, publish and update any combination of media on-line. netomat's unique technology is made possible by NML (netomatic mark-up language), a multimedia, format-agnostic XML dialect.

The company's first offering is a licensable multimedia authoring and messaging tool for enterprises, ad agencies and web developers. Using this tool, businesses can create and deliver navigable, searchable, updateable and exceptionally light-weight "micro-sites" with unlimited content through email, web pages or even banner ads.

Our next release will be a consumer version of the tool which will enable everyone to easily create, send and share any combination of media. This will be followed by a professional version of the tool which will enable businesses and power users to send portable, dynamic and interactive business presentations.
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