Third Pillar Systems is a B2B financial services enabler.

We are the industry-leading, top-notch provider of engineering-driven software solutions for financial institutions looking to streamline their current commercial lending and leasing process.


Third Pillar is a partner that understands your business and provides the tools you need to make faster, more insightful decisions. We pride ourselves on knowing the business as well as we know the technology that drives it.



When you partner with Third Pillar, you get more than the power of the industry’s most flexible, sophisticated technology platform behind your lending and leasing needs. You get results. Quickly.

Our partners on average have achieved a greater than 30% improvement in underwriting efficiency. Other clients have been able to cut their documentation staff and document templates by 50% through standardization.

Our clients have immediate access to their pipeline data and can use reporting to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in their process.

Our clients can leverage LoanPath's built in rules and workflow capabilities to make fast changes to their origination process.


Our portfolio companies

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